EVOLO Skyscrapers

My book has finally arrived! This book features 300 projects selected from entries for the eVolo skyscraper competition between 2006-2011. Fortunately, my final year major project was selected. Couldn’t have done it without Nora, Tony, Olga and Mel! Well done guys.

Our major project is about when a building gets to big, the architect loses control ie. mechanical services, lift cores etc. Take the Barangaroo, Sydney for example, a huge site which requires more than one architectural firm to design. This is where advanced technological systems come into play.

We proposed an parametric algorithm/system which could be plugged onto a site and transformed into a heuristic high rise based on parameters analysis from the site.



This was my very first pecha kucha. Some presentations were relevant, some weren’t.

Need to Draw more!

Its vital that we keep drawing as part of our career.