Conducted by an international team of artists, architects and designers from NSW and Japan, CitySwitch Newcastle 2010 is a creative workshop investigating how intensive spatial media interventions impact urban enterprise.

As part of an urban revitalisation of downtown Newcastle, this project was a tape art mural installation on the windows of 3 empty shops combined with impromptu street performance. These murals portrayed on each of the windows relate to the existing urban condition of Newcastle.

Project Team: Ben Yee, Mathew Manos, Michael Prakash, Natasha DeSilva, Tracey Hau, Anh Nguyen

Project Tutor: Joanne Jakovich

Master of Architecture
Summer Session 2010
University of Technology, Sydney 

Sticky Streets 01 Sticky Streets 06Sticky Streets 03Sticky Streets 04Sticky Streets 05Sticky Streets 08Sticky Streets 07